EverQuest: A New World

EQ:ANW is a custom private server affiliated with eqemulator.net
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 Basic Server Information

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PostSubject: Basic Server Information   Sun Dec 21, 2014 2:44 pm

EverQuest: A New World is a privately ran emulated server with intentions of creating a fun new way of EQ'ing!

ANW has modified classes to be much more beneficial on a class-by-class basis. We have also sought to create a 'racial' bonus applied to each race on a race-by-race basis.

ANW is extremely group orientated,though most content is soloable or duoable. Certain zones have been specified for a group (2 to 6 live people) aswell as for raids (6+ live people).

All exp has been adjusted to help you get through your grind,rates are as follows:


Here at EQ:ANW we seek to provide 'something-for-everybody' from the weekend warrior,to the weeknight raider. Most desirable items come from solo/group quests so nobody is left out on the gear side! Expect to raise your tradeskills,if your into that kind of stuff!

ANW also plans to introduce a character type focus. For example as a Magician you have many elemental spells in your arsenal. At ANW you can do a quest to master a specific element! These quests are available for every class and have been designed to be useful for any class you play!

We boast to create a powerful strong economy. All spells/disciplins are quested/dropped aswell as various items. Making for a very vaiable player ran economy.

Traveling is unique at ANW,there is a Teleporter but not in the tradional way presented on other servers. Our teleporter will teleport you to any one of our custom zones,provided you have first ran to said zone. Raid zones are not available for teleport. Yes,you will be required to do some hiking,but not a whole lot,so make sure to do your mount quests! *hint hint*
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Basic Server Information
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