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 general suggestions

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PostSubject: general suggestions   general suggestions EmptyThu Jan 08, 2015 12:19 pm

hi, as promised Wink
goru gar mesa :

a set of gamblers
*lvl 1-10  give 10 PP get an item
*lvl 11-20   "   100 PP  "      "
*lvl 21-30   "   500 PP   "     "     ....
not necescerally for your class/race, random

at level 1 upon hailing server guide get an item with 100 to all stats and resists 1000 HP/mana/end ...
req level 1 AND rec level 100 so item will "grow" in power as you do
leaving you (ie lvl 70 with 70 all stats and 700 mp/m/e)

hailing Fatas (see related quest "The tale of Fatas" )


a banker and merchant would be nice

an AA merchant and an AA merchant : PP to AA and AA for good stuff

crystal merchant could also sell buff items; ie 1 crystal = 1 buffing item (one charge) that raid buffs you and your group (pet if pet afinity AA bought) with convic, regen, DS , mana regen , haste ....

at zone in : mobs non agro and the rest aggro or factionned in any case; socials, so the transition from the calm in mesa and the rage in steppes could be smoother

Bazar and abysmal sea:

stat food vendors !
at least another spell merchant for missing mag an nec spells

everquest.allakhazam.com/db/spelllist.html?name=&type=mag&level=36&opt=And+Higher&action=search for Mag

everquest.allakhazam.com/db/spelllist.html?name=&type=nec&level=36&opt=And+Higher&action=search for Nec

sorry for links but forum won't let me post

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general suggestions Empty
PostSubject: Re: general suggestions   general suggestions EmptyThu Jan 08, 2015 3:00 pm

Going to deny this first half,Though second half is a really cool idea that I will look into. As far as the third part PM me any missing spells 35-60 and I will get them added.
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general suggestions
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