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EQ:ANW is a custom private server affiliated with eqemulator.net
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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Sun Dec 21, 2014 3:07 pm

Here at ANW we go by a 'be nice and play nice' policy. We intend to stay out of your everyday game play as much as possible,leaving you time for fun and us time for work.

That being said some people will still be jerks so therefore I shall lay out some more specific grounds rules.

Naming Policy - Any names deemed racist,sexist,insulting,or vulgar can be and will be changed.

MQ and You - While MQ is allowed I ask that you do NOT warp,ghost-kill,or use any other programs considered game-breaking.

Camps - Though we see value in camps and promote usage of them,we will NOT oversee nor enforce 'camp stealing'. Unless a particular character is reported multiple times for his/her actions.

Clients - We currently only allow 2 clients per IP. This is to promote the group/guild experience. Please note most content is soloable or duoable so no need to fear.

Shared Bank - Shared Bank is activated though plat is disabled,we will provide a work around.

Sale and Purchase of items - The sale and purchase of items or currency from player to player for real-life currencies,or services is strictly prohibited.

Anyone considered to be breaking rules are subject but not limited to name change,IP ban,character deletion,being muted,account banned.

And lastly I hear by state EverQuest: A New World has no affiliations with Sony, SoE , or EverQuest. This server is for a fun learning experience.
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Server Rules
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