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 broken lvl 71-75 mage spells

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broken lvl 71-75 mage spells Empty
PostSubject: broken lvl 71-75 mage spells   broken lvl 71-75 mage spells EmptySat Feb 28, 2015 4:20 am

So far, it seems all new pet spells in relic are broken.

Rampaging serveant, the 4 elemental pets and monster summoning 5 all get the same error message of "unable to find data for pet MonsterSum5, SumAirR17 or Rampaging serv (depending on spell cast)"

It seems their spell has data has not been created for it for the reason of the error.

Id be willing to guess other pet classes pets are broken also in same way.
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broken lvl 71-75 mage spells
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