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 SK spell suggestions

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PostSubject: SK spell suggestions   Sat Jan 10, 2015 8:01 pm

Just a few ideas, they could all be crazy.

A nuke to compare with the custom pally one.  With SK being a DPS tank vs a paladin's raid tank, i'd expect better DPS output than a paladin.  The 600DD the pally gets is far beyond anything an SK has at similar level except Harm Touch.

A fast casting nuke with a DD / group recourse something like:


This would be great, toned down obviously.  Would allow us to feed mana to a certain degree back to nukers/healers/etc.  Could be not a ton, assuming it stacks w/ clarity lin / mana potions - but might be handy.  My only worry would be creeping onto necro mana battery territory, though I don't suspect we'll be using that much here.

An upgraded pet, though obviously not to the level of the other custom pet(s).  If it was a rogue and slightly higher level that what we use at any given time it might be perfect.  Or maybe add the other pets, just set the levels higher to SK, though would not help them probably until late 60s comparing the levels on the spell now.

Updated lifetap procs, be it upon hitting a mob or even better - when the mob hits you - would be great.  Anything lifetap based would be great honestly, the common ones are kinda feeble.  Geared, I don't generally need a ton of heals as it is - but in later content it might help.  The only concern is running into an issue where sk's (or paladins w/ the WoT line) pull mass mobs to heal them up through the fight.  Knights would swarm this way, though that might not be a bad thing - just something to consider if it's something you want to happen here.  I imagine both classes will be able to do it to a degree even without custom spells.

Still thinking!  These are not very original I know.  Just trying to think of things that will help the SK stand out against the paladin in terms of DPS, since we are not intended to be the beefcake tank/AE tanks.
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Posts : 9
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PostSubject: Re: SK spell suggestions   Sat Jan 10, 2015 11:35 pm

Also, the shadowknight visage line "Voice of XXXXX" eg, Voice of death, voice of terris...

Request the recast be removed from these and/or the duration increased from 10 minutes to... anything longer! The recast is especially annoying when scribing it. Requires keeping a spell slot filled and just kinda annoying in general. ;/
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SK spell suggestions
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